Into Debbie’s Eye – How to Survive a Cyclone

It’s 7am in the morning, 28th March 2017.

I sit on my bed, totally in the dark, counting every second as if it’s the last one. The air is humid like I’ve never experienced before, almost unbreatheable. I check my phone, hoping to get any signal.. but nothing.
I sit and wait, trying to think something of positive, but still nothing. All I can hear is a strong wind that won’t stop beating on the windows. I’m silent, my eyes are lost, my mind is steadily racing, my heart pumping faster than ever and thinking about having breakfast would just make me feel even worse. Now, all I can think about is.. what if..? What should I do now? A sequel of life’s frames rolling through my mind. Read More »

Working Holiday Visa Eligibility Update

Working Holiday Visa Eligibility Update

Despite a flurry of political activity in this area in late 2016, there is nothing substantial to report at the moment in relation to the Working holidaymaker Visa (WHV) program. There appears to be little political will to push through any of the slated changes in the near future (there are no Bills currently before parliament dealing with working holiday visas). This includes any proposed increases in the qualifying age from 30 to 35.   

It is also the case that the bilateral treaties that frame the WHV program and its reciprocal arrangements have to be negotiated one at a time with each participating country before ratification and they come into force.  Any substantial change in this area is therefore also likely to be staggered.


Backtrack on Backpacker Tax

The Australian Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, announced on 27 September 2016, that the Australian government would scrap the proposed 32.5% flat tax rate on income earned by foreign working-holidaymakers in Australia. Read More »


How to Get Sponsored to Work in Australia

5th March 2014 – Time to leave Italy and start a new chapter in my life. Destination Australia!
Strong emotions and a bit of melancholy, it was hard to leave my old job, my music band, my family, my car and the same old people I used to hang out with. All I remember was “Be careful, watch out for the spiders and snakes!” :)
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FAQ’s about 457 Visas

What is a Temporary Work (Skilled) subclass 457 visa?

The subclass 457 visa program is designed to meet short-term demand for skilled workers in Australia.  For many expatriate employees and their families, a Temporary Work (Skilled) subclass 457 visa is their initial mode of entry to Australia, whereas others may have transitioned to the 457 visa whilst in Australia on a working holiday, or after finishing tertiary studies or occupational traineeships.
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Overcoming employment challenges on a working holiday visa

As someone who is currently on her third Australian visa, I am often asked about the challenges of finding work as a foreign resident.
I meet many people each week who have landed in Australia and are having trouble securing a job.
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Update on ‘Backpacker Tax’ 17 May 2016

Today, the Australian Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Small Business, Kelly O’Dwyer, announced that the so called ‘Backpacker Tax’ is to be put ON HOLD until January 2017. Therefore, this prospective tax will NOT come into effect on 1 July 2016.
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