Do You Use Psychological Testing?

While gathering data for the 2017 people2people post, the recruitment consultants surveyed line managers regarding their various hiring techniques. During this survey, people2people discovered that when hiring sales’ candidates, 31% of our hiring managers used psychometric testing. According to the Institute of Psychometric Testing “Psychometric testing is a standard and scientific method used to measure a person’s mental capabilities and behaviour style.” Read More »


Mature Age Job Seekers

people2people’s 2017 Market Survey Report, our people2people Post is now available. The p2p Post is a comprehensive research document which covers market and salary information for Australia’s Eastern Seaboard. It specifically hones in on salaries paid to staff in various industries and at various levels. The data is fresh and relates specifically to 2017 and is a great tool for benchmarking. Read More »


What a Banker!

We all know that banks in the Australian marketplace generally are not popular with the public, so much so, that in the 2017 budget, the Federal Treasurer made the decision to slug them with a new $6.2b tax, knowing that the electorate would generally be pretty OK with a little bank bashing. Read More »


Traps for New Managers

Be the Leader, Don’t Follow Them – Tips for New Managers

You may have been positioning yourself to take a leadership role but often the opportunity will come along sooner than you had planned or expected.  Of course you are going to grab the chance to develop but you wouldn’t be alone if once the first wave of excitement passes you think “Now I actually have to do this!”  Here are 4 tips for new managers. Read More »


Should You Take a Sick Day, or Not?

As the cooler months start to hit us, we’re not only finding it just a little more difficult to get out of bed on these crispier mornings, but we are also surrounded by cold and flu germs! When one of your colleagues catches a virus, then it’s sure to work its way around the office until it finally reaches you. So once it’s eventually caught you in its grasp and you’ve succumbed to the pain of a sore throat and an endlessly running nose, should you take a sick day? Read More »


Five Reasons Why a High Performer Would Work for You

The competition for talent is now very strong in some markets, so what can you do to make yourself standout as an employer?  What attracts one person to work with one company, can be very different to what attracts another person, however these five things never really change for high performers: Read More »


18 Reasons Why Western Sydney is a Better Place to Work Than Sydney CBD

Today I spent the day with the energetic and talented people of the people2people Parramatta office, which services all our clients in Western Sydney. The team is very passionate about their patch, so I thought I would ask them why it’s better to be working in Parramatta and not in Sydney’s CBD. Here are their top 18 reasons! Read More »