Preparing Your Referees

So you’ve got through a few rounds of interviews, and your prospective new employer has asked to speak with your referees, so you are in serious contention for getting this new role. You are 90% of the way there to having that dream new job, but please DON’T under estimate the importance of this stage. In more than a decade as a recruiter, I have seen many instances where things have fallen over at reference checking stage, so I wanted to give you some tips to make sure this important stage goes smoothly. Read More »


The Things I Wish I Knew

When I first arrived in Sydney after 3 months of travelling across South East Asia I was keen to find work to make some money.

When searching for work in a brand new city I thought that if I had a look on Seek, applied to as many jobs as possible and crossed my fingers then I would definitely get something… Anything! Looking back on my more naïve self, I wish that I knew the things that I now know from working in recruitment. Read More »


Tailoring Your Resume to The Role

As you can appreciate, working in recruitment, I get to see a lot of resumes. Some are good, others not so much. What really seems to stick out though, is that a lot of resumes have not been tailored to highlight the key areas which suit for the role for which the jobseeker is applying. So, how do you write the perfect resume for the role for which you are applying? Read More »


What Not to Do in a Job Interview

You applied for the job a week ago and have just received a phone call asking you to attend an interview! Nervous? Excited? Probably both. This is it. Your dream job or a step in the next direction. Whatever the reason, you’ve got to nail this interview. So here’s what not to do… Read More »


Getting Yourself Noticed In A Sea Of Local Talent

So you have just touched down in sunny Australia, with your whole life condensed into a backpack. Maybe this is the first stop on your adventure of a lifetime. Maybe your first time away from home? Or maybe you came via South East Asia, had the time of your life, overspent on bucket cocktails and still have sand between your toes? Maybe you even ‘found yourself on a little island paradise!
Whatever your situation, there comes a point in every backpacker’s journey where it’s time to get serious and recharge the bank account from which you’ve been draining for the last few months. Read More »


Tips for Discussing your Sales’ Targets

By way of introduction, I’m the specialist in sales recruitment here in Sydney – meaning I’m interviewing sales candidates, daily. As part of my standard interview structure, I ask my candidates two questions about all of their sales roles: What were your sales’ targets? And what percentage of those sales’ targets were you meeting? These two questions let me know how experienced/senior a candidate is and they also give me an indication of a candidates’ performance. Read More »


How to Ace a Video Job Interview

We constantly hear about how technology is influencing the way we do things – particularly our connections and interactions both personally and professionally. Businesses are constantly looking to implement new systems and technology to speed up processes and reduce costs. This is now filtering to recruitment, in particular, adding video interviewing to find the right candidate amongst the (potentially) hundreds of people who might apply. At people2people, we recently utilised video interviewing to help place over 60 candidates within a very tight time frame. Read More »