Meet people2people: David Mclaren

Our ‘Meet people2people Series’ introduces our readers to the vibrant team which makes up people2people. Today’s interview is with David Mclaren, a consultant with our Senior Finance Recruitment team in Brisbane. Read More »

Elizabeth Punshon, meet people2people

Meet people2people: Elizabeth Punshon

Today in our Meet people2people series, we chat with Manager of Specialist Temporary Recruitment in our Melbourne office, Elizabeth Punshon

After completing her BA (Psych and HR Management) in 2007, Elizabeth commenced her professional career through people2people’s Graduate Programme. She was awarded Para Consultant of the Year in 2008 after successfully supporting a senior recruitment consultant. From 2009, as a recruitment consultant, Elizabeth has been responsible for managing her own busy portfolio in the contracting market. Read More »

Locki's week of work experience with people2people

Locki’s Week of Work Experience with people2people

A year 11 student from Chester Hill High School came to people2people with a load of energy. Yep, that’s me. My name is Locki. people2people has taught me a lot of new and invaluable skills during the past week. I really enjoyed my experience and appreciate all the staff who have been teaching me when I have been crying out for help! This is an excellent work placement that I won’t be forgetting. Read More »

Meet people2people: Arielle Sodowick

Meet people2people: Arielle Sodowick

In this edition of Meet people2people, we’re talking to Temporary Specialist Recruitment Consultant Arielle Sodowick.

Arielle is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and graduated from American University in Washington, D.C., with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Psychology. She has held positions at the British Embassy and the Embassy of Australia’s Trade Commission, where she learned about recruitment and business development. After graduating university, she moved to New York City for a position in retail management. Following a personal dream to move to Australia and establish herself abroad, she travelled to Sydney and joined people2people. Read More »

Kirsten Garrett, people2people

Meet people2people: Kirsten Garrett

In this week’s edition of Meet people2people, we talk with Kirsten Garrett, who has been a core member of the people2people team since its start.

Kirsten, having enjoyed a working relationship since 1999 with the directors of people2people, joined on people2people’s inception in February 2005. With twenty years’ recruitment experience, she specialises in the accounting and finance sector. Kirsten’s client are from a broad range of commercial and professional services businesses. Read More »

Meet people2people: India Morish

Meet people2people: India Morish

Today’s edition of Meet people2people features a consultant on our temporary legal support recruitment team, India Morish.

After graduating from St. Clare’s College Waverley, India went on to complete a Marketing & Advertising Degree at the University of Notre Dame Sydney. She started at people2people as People Manager and has since joined the temporary legal recruitment team. With her experience in administration, real-estate, hospitality and retail, India brings strengths in customer service and communication. Read More »

Chamira Gamage, people2people

Meet people2people: Chamira Gamage

You’ve met other members of the people2people team in our Meet people2people series, and today we’re chatting with consultant Chamira Gamage.

Chamira graduated from the University of New South Wales in 2013 with a degree in International Law & International Relations, following his completion of his Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) in 2011. After gaining valuable work experience as a youth worker in country NSW and academia with the University of New England, Chamira resettled in Sydney and joined people2people’s Western Sydney accounting and finance recruitment division. Read More »